Boise EcoVillage Project

Sustainable Living

When we talk about sustainable living we would like to address sustainability as it relates to our food production, water use, energy production and consumption, architectural design and construction, resource use, land stewardship, waste management, business models, and culture.

Our modern culture is no longer living in harmony with the earth and her systems. Our current approach to life is unsustainable.  In a culture that indulges in fossil fuel addiction, industrial agriculture, resource extraction, environmental destruction, and over-consumption, we are moving in the wrong direction.  We, as a community, wish to align our lifestyle with our values.

We will do this for ourselves and for future generations.  Let’s ask ourselves, “What kind of world do we want to leave to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren?”  We will keep them in mind as we go about creating and demonstrating more sustainable approaches to community living.

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