Boise EcoVillage Project

Community Farm Building

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It’s $10 a month to sign up. You can join in the fun at Riverside Gardens wherever you see the opportunity!  We are located on 3.5 acres at 9907 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, Idaho. You can build stuff, create your own garden feature (herb spiral, raised beds, keyhole garden, etc), join the irrigation team, plant, harvest, create paths, attend meetings, host workshops, you name it! There’s always a lot to do at the farm.

Daniel-seeds image2 Kacey_construction kids-at-play lumberjacks Melissa-tools organizing raised-beds_keyhole-garden spring-2015-fire



Participants in the Community Farm Building Program can also join in the organized activities and also get discounts on workshops. Upcoming workshops and activities include: building with cob, composting, mosaic stepping stones, trellis building, biochar, beekeeping, and solar ovens. You could also host a workshop or activity of your choosing!

Participate in the Community Farm Building Program

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