Boise EcoVillage Project


Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

We believe that when we all work together for a common goal, our chances of success are multiplied.  Many of the projects that we support as a community, translate into personal business opportunities, as well as opportunities to learn from each other.  When we work together our goal is to create win-win scenarios, where all parties benefit, including the greater community and the environment.  We know that in order to create a sustainable community, we need to build an economic model to sustain us, one that’s in line with our values as a social enterprise.

Freer Organics

The Boise EcoVillage Project has partnered with Freer Organics because they have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about soil biology that is valuable for the foundation of our project, building healthy soils in which we will grow our food and our community.  Autumn Freer is initiating a Bokashi Compost Operation on site.  The bokashi cake will be used to amend the soil at Riverside Farms.  The products created will be sold to our community, offering great local organic soil amendments, and an economic engine for our community, while establishing a closed loop system for local organic matter.

Learn more about Freer Organics and the Bokashi compost method here:

Riverside Farms

Land that has been used for agriculture for years is being made available through a collaboration between Riverside Farms and the Boise EcoVillage Project.  Although we are unsure of the exact form this will take, we are in the process of developing a plan where we all can benefit.  In partnership with Vernon and Vicky Smith, we’ll bring our shared vision of a sustainable, organic, community-centric farm into reality.


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