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There are over 700 members of the Boise EcoVillage Project Facebook Group.  Also, please consider becoming a supporting member!

93-facebookgroupThere are currently two members of the Boise EcoVillage Project, LLC, Sunny Freeman Genz, and Cheryl Mendiola.  In 2016 we plan to add more members to the LLC through a pretty simple process.  We currently have 7 new applicants!  There is a membership request form and questionnaire to submit, and if the current members consent to adding you, you will be asked to sign a membership agreement and become a supporting member ($10/ month dues).  You will then be added as a member of the LLC, complete with benefits and responsibilities. 🙂

sunny freeman genz

Sunny Freeman-Genz

“Here in the Treasure Valley, people are not only talking about becoming more sustainable, they are living it.  I see people all around me engaging in urban gardening, seed sharing, bee keeping, permaculture, homesteading, cottage industries, and other sustainable practices.  I believe that when we do this in community it gets even easier because each individual can focus on what they are passionate about, and collectively, we have a wealth of information and skill sets to draw from.  Being self-sufficient is hard work!  When we build community we can create a network of support.  We also have the opportunity to teach each other.  I believe creating an education center at our ecovillage is key to building a more sustainable culture.

Sunny has been envisioning an ecovillage community for nearly 20 years.  In the fall of 2013 she dedicated herself to the vision full time when she realized that the timing was right and the community was ready!  In January of 2014 Sunny attended the Earth Harmony Sustainability Seminar: “How to Build an EcoVillage” at Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage in Arizona. Throughout the last two years Sunny has focused on connecting with people throughout the Treasure Valley with the skills and passion for creating a sustainable community and a cooperative culture.

Sunny studied Anthropology at Colorado State University where she graduated with honors.  In college her focus was on human ecology, environmental conservation, social and cultural change, environmental ethics and the sociology of resource management.  Her many years of volunteerism included teaching art in the jails, advocating for children in the courts, organizing events to educate around issues of war and peace with the Idaho Peace Coalition, lobbying as a private citizen for the creation of a Department of Peace and Nonviolence as the Idaho State Coordinator for the Peace Alliance and adviser for the Student Peace Alliance, teaching peace programs to children, and directing youth programs at the Center for Spiritual Living.  She has great networking skills, and the willingness to step up to almost any challenge.  With a big smile and a hug for everyone she meets, she is positive and enthusiastic about life.


Cheryl Mendiola

Cheryl attended Idaho Alternative Healing Arts School where she studied nutrition, Amma therapy, acupuncture, massage, anatomy & physiology, Chinese & Western herbs, and Yoga for health.  She has also attended these in-depth workshops: Dr. Haushka, Oshadi, Simplers, Country Life, Trace Minerals, Enzymatica, New Chapter (multiple), Garden of Life, and Boiron. At a two-day Herbal Conference at Breitenbush she learned about immunity, inflammation, essential oils, Fair Trade practices, and professional networking.

Cheryl worked at the Boise Co-op for 18 years where she was eventually an assistant manager.  Her skills include inventory control, customer service, training, conflict management (prevention and resolution), and employee support.  She has learned to build with cob, and is passionate about composting.  She makes jewelry and loves festivals!


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  1. permibob

    I’ve had two folks now that have encouraged me to reach out to the Ecovillage folks in Boise. My property is .97 acres with a well and flood irrigation, and a passive solar straw bale home. It has the potential of being subdivided into maybe 5 more single family homes that might be perfect for tiny homes and permaculture gardens. Another passive solar home could probably be built right behind the existing one and never be shaded by a nieghbors tree. All the information about it is at…
    Bob Blurton

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