Boise EcoVillage Project


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Fall Retreat 2014: Buhl, Idaho

Several members of our group went on a fall retreat in October to Buhl, Idaho where we toured Onsen Farm and did a few work projects there. We stayed at Banbury hot springs, and also toured Brian and Karen's house nearby.

Freer Organics

On September 21, 2014 we visited the farm of Todd and Autumn Freer in Mountain Home, Idaho, home base for their business, Freer Organics. Here we learned about vermicompost and bokashi methods of composting. I was impressed with the operation! I'm very grateful that within a few months, Autumn had joined the Boise EcoVillage Project and will be heading up our soil remediation project on some farmland near Chinden and Glenwood. We are hoping to build a compost center on the land, a strawbale design is in the works, where we (with the help of worms and micro-organisms) will transform organic waste from the Boise Co-op into rich soil and amendments.

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